Grand Theft Auto IV

With all the adrenaline pumping action in GTA, you might be forgiven for thinking that the IV stood for intravenous, but then again you may as easily get clubbed in the face.  The latest in the GTA series, round 4 is no let down.  The story line, following FOB immigrant Niko Belic as tumbles into the underworld of Liberty City is a greatly improved aspect of this mighty game franchise.

This latest installment features a drama that brings one into the story and keeps you there till the very end.  The missions are fun and exciting and filled with new ways to interact, new weapons, new places, new everything.  Exceeding expectations was the requirement for this game to be a hit and it delivers.  The world of liberty city is perhaps one of the most engaging and enthralling game worlds yet conceived.

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I could go on and on about why Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games we’ve ever seen and why even folks who are easily offended should play it, but that would be pointless. The only thing you need to know is that you have to play this game. Period.

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None of these little flaws take away from Liberty City’s breathtaking vistas, incredibly varied scenery, and lived-in look (the PS3 version has the slightest visual edge, plus motion-control support — but then it’s missing Achievements and the eventual downloadable episodes exclusive to the 360 game). The city just feels alive.

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Games Radar

It’s not flawless, and it probably won’t change your life, but GTA IV is an absolutely amazing piece of entertainment. It does things that no other game does, it’s immersive in ways that no other game is and it’s one of the biggest, wildest, most enjoyable games we’ve ever played.

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Although its got plenty of excellent features, it’s ultimately the storytelling that makes it an instant classic, a game unlike any we’ve played before. As is the case with many great books and movies, you’ll want to know what happens to the characters after the game ends, and one can’t help hoping that all of their American Dreams comes true.

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After more than 40 hours Rockstar’s most ambitious game to date was over and left me wondering if I’ll ever be able to look at ‘normal’ video games in the same way again.

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Play Frogger

Why did the froggy cross the road? So he wouldn’t go SPLAT all over the pavement!

Oh, Frogger. Is there any other classic Atari game that conjures so many memories from childhood–times of sprinting little frog legs across the highway, trying to beat your highest score while not becoming amphibian roadkill soup?

One of the most popular arcade games of all time (or at least since its creation in 1981), Frogger is very simple and super fun to play. Just use your mouse to get the frogs across the highway, navigating them through crazy traffic to get them to their river home safely. Remember that you can hop on floating objects, too.

And don’t forget that oncoming traffic isn’t the only thing that will kill your little frogs! Avoid getting them in the water (use the floating objects), sitting on a log for too long, jumping on an object with another frog on it, and running out of time.

Play Classic Asteroids Online

Classic asteroids is a favorite game from the ’80s. A popular arcade game of its time, it places you in the captain’s seat of a ship that’s lost its way in space.

Surrounded by asteroids, and with a limited hyperspace drive that will only carry you so far, you have no choice but to destroy the asteroids with your laser cannons in order to save your life. Once you learn to lead your target–as well as track multiple targets at a time–you’ll become a master of the game. Of course, there are other surprises in store besides the asteroids…

Now you can play this timeless game for free from the comfort of your computer, no joystick or quarter required. Prepare for some asteroid blasting, simple yet effective graphics, and dramatic space music reminiscent of Star Wars.